Survey: Implementation of the Abbreviated Day Procedure (Maine Unified Special Education Regulation 101)


TO: Superintendents of Schools, Special Education Directors, Child Development Services Regional Board Chairs, Child Development Services Regional Site Directors
FROM: Angela Faherty, Ph.D., Acting Commissioner
DATE: July 20, 2010 
RE: Survey: Implementation of the Abbreviated Day Procedure (Maine Unified Special Education Regulation 101)

Pursuant to Public Law 2009, Chapter 200, a stakeholder group has been convened to review and make recommendations on three provisions of the Maine Unified Special Education Regulation 101. Those provisions are :

  • The definition of educational performance;
  • The definition and procedure for abbreviated day; and
  • The data based procedure for eligibility determination.

The Joint Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs expects that data will be collected in order to examine the implementation of these provisions. Further the Public Law 2009, Chapter 200 states:

“Sec. B-7 Report. Resolved: That the stakeholder group shall submit a report that includes its findings and recommendations, including suggested revisions to the rule, to the Commissioner of Education no later than January 14, 2011; and be it further
Sec. B-8 Adoption of rules. Resolved: That the Commissioner of Education shall consider and address the recommendations contained in the report of the stakeholder group and may adopt major substantive rules as defined in the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 5, chapter 375, subchapter 2A for those portions of Department of Education rule Chapter 101: Maine Unified Special Education Regulation that pertain to the examination required under section 1 for consideration by the First Regular Session of the 125th Legislature.”

In order to examine the abbreviated day procedures, the stakeholder group has developed a survey to review  implementation of the provisions from January 15, 2010 through June 15, 2010. Please respond to the questions for each of the children that has experienced abbreviated days during this period. This data will be critical to us as we consider any refinements, revisions or modifications to the provision. We appreciate the time and effort that this task will take to provide us with concrete data on the implementation.

The survey can be accessed at:

Please complete the survey by September 1, 2010.

If you have questions, please call Jaci Holmes, Federal State Legislative Liaison, by phone at 624-6620 or by email at