EF-S-03 Request for Special Education Contract Approval


TO: Superintendent of Schools and Special Education Directors
FROM: Angela Faherty, Ph. D., Commissioner of Education
DATE: September 22, 2010
RE: EF-S-03 Request for Special Education Contract Approval

A copy of the EF-S-03 Request for Special Education Contract Approval is available on the State of Maine Department of Education website at http://www.maine.gov/education/forms/forms.htm . The initial submission of the EF-S-03 should be no later than October 31, 2010. Amendments during the school year should be submitted on a separate form with the “amended” line checked off.

All contracted services for special education, whether paid for with local or federal funds, should be reported on your EF-S-08, CONSULTATION (CONTRACTED), at the end of the school year. state subsidy for special education will be based on the essential programs and special education allocation pursuant to 20-A MRSA Section 15681-A(2). Only personnel recognized in the Maine Special Education Regulation, Chapter 101, XVIII. 1. C (3) will be included for state subsidy. If you submitted a Code 29 on the EF-S-03, you must indicate (1) the position title, as well as the name of the person in the position (you may do this in the “Provider Name” column), and (2) whether this person is paid with federal funds or state funds. You would do so by indicating a Y or N in the column marked “Federal Funds Y or N”. If a company is used, indicate the individual(s) that provided the service.

The Office of Special Services will verify certification and licensure for each individual listed on the EF-S-03 and will notify school administrative units of any problems with service providers. Each person subject to the fingerprinting requirement in accordance with Title 20-A §6103(4-A) and (4-B), and §13011 must provide a valid criminal history record check approval issued by the Department of Education. A copy of the approved EF-S-03 will be mailed to the Director of Special Education upon verification.

You are not required to submit actual copies of individual contracts to the Office of Special Services for approval. The EF-S-03 serves as the notice of all contracts for this purpose. Contracts between the school administrative unit and the service providers must be on file at the school administrative unit, and must be kept current. The Office of Special Services will not accept contracts between school administrative units and service providers in lieu of the EF-S-03.

If you have any questions regarding the EF-S-03, please call out office at 207-624-6650 or email Nancy Connolly at Nancy.Connolly@maine.gov .

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