Commissioner’s Update – May 26, 2011

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That final lap I wrote about in last week’s Commissioner’s Update? It’s a long one.

The House and Senate are still debating the two-year budget that will determine once and for all the amount of state funding headed for your districts for the 2011-12 year. On top of that, the fate of legislation dealing with school district reorganization, a standards-based diploma and charter schools is in the hands of the same lawmakers. For now, we sit tight to see what comes out of the legislative process.

While we wait, there’s plenty going on outside of the State House.

Today, for example, we have the chance to see more than 1,000 middle- and high-school students actively engaged in learning the way many of them learn best — digitally — at the eighth annual Maine Learning Technology Initiative student conference. I stopped there on my way back from Washington County and was blown away by the quality of the student presentations.

And in this week’s Commissioner’s Update, we bring you a streamlined Calendar of Reporting Requirements that, hopefully, makes it easier to keep track of some of your administrative work. Please let us know what you think.

— Stephen Bowen


Administrative Letters

Reporting Requirements

  • Monthly School Nutrition Reporting, various
  • Annual Aggregate Daily Attendance Reporting, June 24
  • End-of-Year Student and Staff Reports, June 24
  • Title I Program Data-Targeted Assisted Programs, June 24
  • School Nurse End of the Year Report, June 30
  • REMINDER: End-of-Year Financial Reports, Aug. 25
  • Calendar of Reporting Requirements


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Press Releases

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