Infinite Campus changes lunch eligibility reporting

Infinite Campus has changed the way it collects students’ free and reduced-price lunch eligibility data.

The Economic Indicator field has been removed from the Enrollments tab and placed on an individual tab called Eligibility. The tab is located under FRAM (Free and Reduced Application Management), which is below the Index tab.

All Infinite Campus State Edition and District Edition users must request access to this tab from the MEDMS Help Desk by calling 207-624-6896 or sending an email to

District users who are not using Infinite Campus District Edition and who upload student data will not see a change in the upload schema. The only change for such users will be the tab for viewing data, as described above.

Training for district users who manually enter student data into Infinite Campus State and District Editions is available at the following link: It’s called “Free & Reduced Application Management (FRAM) – Manual Entry Video.” Please note that users who manually enter data into Infinite Campus State Edition versus Infinite Campus District Edition will not have the same options listed in the video.

Training for Infinite Campus District Edition users and others using the FRAM Import Wizard will find a training video at the same location,, entitled “FRAM-Eligibility Import Wizard Video.”

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