Revised due process form and procedure

The Due Process Office has revised its Resolution Meeting Status form and related procedures to more closely align them with federal regulations.  The revised document, which has been renamed the Resolution Session Status form, simplifies the reporting of Resolution Session outcomes.

When parents request a due process hearing, the resolution session is made available as a means of resolving the conflict prior to the start of the hearing process.  Effective immediately, the resolution session is no longer required when the parties agree to participate in mediation.  It is therefore not necessary for the parties to waive the resolution session in writing if they have agreed to participate in mediation.  The parties are nevertheless free to hold the resolution session if they so choose.

If the parties do not agree to participate in mediation, the resolution session must be held, or waived in writing separately by the parties to the Due Process case manager.

Regardless of whether the resolution session is held, the school administrative unit (SAU) is responsible for completing the Resolution Session Status form 15 calendar days from the date of the SAU’s receipt of the hearing request.

The form is immediately available for use and will be included in the information packets that are mailed to SAUs involved in due process hearings requested by parents.  Questions regarding the form should be directed to Pat Neumeyer at 624-6644 or

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