Commissioner’s Update – Jan. 19, 2012

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What a week!

Tuesday’s release of our strategic plan for education in Maine proved an energizing success.

Five talented, confident and ambitious students joined me at Capital Area Technical Center in Augusta to unveil our plan, called “Education Evolving: Maine’s Plan for Putting Learners First.” The students were the the key to making Tuesday’s release event the success that it was.

Maggie Stokes, Gareth Robinson, Brooklyn Pinkham, Morgan Horn and Kaytie Scully, after all, are already living the vision articulated in our 35-page plan. They are taking control of their learning, discovering their passions and excelling in their academics as a result. Their teachers, principals, and district leaders are leading the state in the move to an education system that puts students at the center and builds the system around their needs. It’s my hope that, by implementing the action steps detailed in our plan, all of Maine’s students will have the opportunities that the five students we saw on Tuesday have had in their education.

As I’ve noted previously, the strategic plan is a working document that could change in the coming months. I encourage you all to read it and join the discussion about it.

— Stephen Bowen


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