Personal learning plans, maximized learning

By Morgan Horn

The following were remarks made at the release of “Education Evolving: Maine’s Plan for Putting Learners First” on Jan. 17, 2012, at the Capital Area Technical Center in Augusta.

Morgan Horn delivers remarks at a podium during the release of Maine's strategic education plan.
Morgan Horn

After my first two years of high school, I decided to apply for Pathways. I was hoping to become a better student, to obtain more knowledge and to graduate in January of my senior year.

In order to fulfill my dream and be sure I have the right knowledge for college, I need to attend more classes in a shorter amount of time. Pathways provides me with the opportunity to participate in classes throughout the summer as well as classes outside the normal, traditional classroom — such as internships, job shadows, adult ed classes, independent classes, college courses and any other way of learning.

Pathways is a great opportunity for all students to succeed, opening new doors of education, allowing students to create their own personal learning plan.

Pathways allows me to create my own learning plan based on my career of choice for the future. My experience in Pathways is a great example of the benefits of personalized learning through multiple pathways.

Morgan Horn is a junior at Sumner Memorial High School in Sullivan. She plans to pursue a career in medicine.

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  1. How wonderful to hear a high school student think of these plans. I feel she has many valid points that should be looked into. Good luck to you, Morgan.

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