Preliminary state subsidy printouts updated for 113 units

Preliminary state education subsidy printouts (ED 279) have been updated for 113 school administrative units to reflect updated data regarding adult education course counts.

These data changes were mostly attributable to the replacement of “estimated” adult education course counts for 16 – 20 year-olds with “actual” course counts, as reported via the EF-M-39B form, the Report of Adult Education for Subsidy Purposes.

Please check the Maine DOE’s ED 279 web page to see if your unit was one of those with updated data so that you can be sure you are using the most recent amounts for your budget planning. Those units with updated subsidy printouts will see “02/22/2012” under “Date of Most Recent Adjustment.”

If there is no date indicated in that column, there is no adjustment to the preliminary ED 279 that was posted in early February.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Paula Gravelle at, or Joanne Allen at They can be reached by phone at 207-624-6790.

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