Procedural Safeguards updated with MUSER amendments

Starting May 10, school administrative units must distribute an updated copy of the Procedural Safeguards to families of children identified with disabilities under the Maine Unified Special Education Regulations (MUSER).

The amendments to the Procedural Safeguards — the parental rights specified in MUSER — are the result of recently enacted changes to Rule Chapter 101, which contains MUSER.

The updated Procedural Safeguards can be found in Appendix I of the newly amended MUSER, dated May 10, 2012. They contain two changes: one on page 210, “Native Language,” 34 CFR § 300.29, and another on page 244, “Surrogate Parents,” 34 CFR § 300.519(d)(2)(i).

Appendix I also contains instructions for communication of the Procedural Safeguards.

Download an updated copy of Chapter 101 from the Secretary of State’s website:

Please contact Susan Parks at 207-624-6646 or with questions.

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