New mentoring workshop for educators of gifted and talented

New and experienced gifted and talented educators will have a chance to learn new skills and practices at a mentoring workshop sponsored by the Maine Department of Education.

The workshop will consist of two-strands: one strand for new educators and an advanced strand for experienced teachers and administrators.

The mentoring workshops will be held on October 18 and 22, free of charge.

The new-educator strand will consist of a question-and-answer workshop designed for teachers and administrators who have been working in the field of gifted and talented education for only one or two years, or for those in a newly restructured district. The purpose of the workshop is to support teachers and/or administrators who are in new positions and to provide them with information in any of the areas regarding G/T programming. Teachers and administrators are encouraged to come with questions and to share resources.

The workshop topics will include: identification tools; curriculum options; organizing and managing G/T programs; evaluating program effectiveness; and reviewing this year’s application, plan and budget forms. The facilitator for this strand will be Patti Drapeau, educational consultant in gifted education for the Maine DOE. You can contact her for more information at

The advanced strand will be meeting concurrently with the new educator strand. It will address particular questions, concerns and challenges that the participants bring to the workshop. The topics should be far-reaching given that experienced attendees will be coming from rural and urban communities, small and large schools, and new or established programs. Examples of topics that may be of interest to you include dual exceptionalities, K-2 programming, consultation and changing the focus of an established program. Feel free to suggest a topic for discussion by emailing Lee Worcester, educational consultant in gifted education for the Maine DOE, or calling her at 943-8804 before October 10.

Registration information

To register, please fill out this online form.

For the October 18 workshop, please register by October 10. For the October 22 workshop, please register by October 14. Lunch will not be provided at either workshop.


  • October 18, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    Augusta Armory
    179 Western Ave.
  • October 22, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    United Technology Center
    200 Hogan Road
    (coffee provided)


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