MaineCare Seed payment adjustments pending; review reports by Nov. 27

Beginning with the November subsidy checks, General Purpose Aid for Local Schools will reflect adjustments for MaineCare Seed payments by the Maine DOE made on behalf of school administrative units in March, April, May and June 2012 for students at Special Purpose Private Schools.

To ensure accurate adjustments to subsidy, school administrative units must review student-by-student reports no later than Nov. 27, 2012.

Detailed student reports are now available in Infinite Campus (State Edition) – see instructions below.

Please direct all questions regarding detailed student-by-student reports to If you are emailing regarding specific charges for a student, please include the student’s State Student ID and Service Provided Dates (To and From). If you disagree with the charge, please provide the reason that you disagree with the charge along with supporting evidence. Should this inquiry result in a change to the subsidy adjustment, the revision will be reflected in later monthly subsidy checks.

At this time, MaineCare Seed for John F. Murphy Homes, Inc. have been included in the detailed student-by-student reports but have not been included in the adjustment to subsidy.

Instructions for Accessing and Reviewing MaineCare reports

The detailed MaineCare Seed payment reports are now available in Infinite Campus (State Edition). The following Infinite Campus roles will have access to these reports:

  • SAU District Admin
  • SAU District Admin (Read Only)
  • SpecEdAdmin (Read Only)

To access and open the report(s):

  • Log into Infinite Campus (State Edition) (If you have multiple SAUs, each individual SAU must be logged into separately)
  • Choose the “Index” tab
  • Select ME State Reporting
  • Select MaineCare Report
  • Select Date Processed
    • 0612 is for MaineCare Seed payments with a paid date in March and April of 2012
    • 0912 is for MaineCare Seed payments with a paid data in May and June 2012
    • Click “Generate Report”

This will create an Excel spreadsheet of the report selected and will bring up a dialog box that will ask if you want to open or save the file.

  • If you choose open, it will open the report as an Excel spreadsheet, which you can print or save.
  • If you choose save, it will bring up the “Save As” dialog box, and you can save it to a folder on your computer or network.

Select Columns on Report:

  • Billing Provider Name – this is the name of the Special Purpose Private School or SAU billing MaineCare
  • MaineCare Seed Amount – State Share Amount Prof – this is the amount of MaineCare Seed/Match that the Maine Department of Education (DOE) has advanced to the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) on your SAU’s behalf. This is the amount that the DOE will recapture by adjusting your SAU’s State subsidy:
    • ED 279 Line 59E “Less MaineCare Seed – Private” will be for recovering MaineCare Seed paid on behalf of your SAU’s students at Special Purpose Private Schools.
    • ED 279 Line 59E “Less MaineCare Seed – Public” will be for recovering MaineCare Seed paid on behalf of students that were billed for by your SAU.

Review of the Report – Please review the report to determine the following:

  • That your school administrative unit(s) was fiscally responsible for the student (resident student) at the time that the services were provided. Services provided dates are in columns “Service From Date” to “Service To Date”
  • That the services and amount of services that were billed for are accurate for the student and time period.

Questions on Report(s):

Please direct all questions regarding these reports to the email address If you disagree with a charge for a particular student or time period, please include the following:

  • the State Student ID
  • the Service provided dates
  • reason that you disagree with the charge and any evidence that supports this reason

Determination of Resident SAU:

The resident SAU was determined by matching students (and time of services) in the MaineCare Seed billing with enrollments submitted to Infinite Campus (State Edition) by SAUs and Special Purpose Private Schools. To ensure accuracy, we encourage the SAUs to regularly review the Out-of-District Placement report for their SAU(s) in Infinite Campus (State Edition).

Summer Services:

We have found that a number of students were provided services during the summer. If the student was a resident of your SAU during those months, your SAU is still fiscally responsible for the MaineCare Seed as this is considered an extend school year for these students. Students in extended school years should be enrolled during these periods to ensure accurate adjustments.

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