Suggestions on providing feedback on the Next Generation Science Standards

The second draft of the Next Generation Science Standards – the last before the final version is released in the spring – is set for week of Jan. 7. We are encouraging the broadest possible participation by Maine educators, business, and other stakeholders, in reviewing the draft.

Maine is one of 26 states taking the lead in developing a new set of academic standards that will define the science concepts and content students will need to learn to be successful in the workforce, economy and society of the coming decades.

We’ll all have a window of about three weeks to review and weigh in on the final version. Reviewing the NGSS can be an overwhelming task, particularly if you do not have a significant amount of time to do so. Maine DOE’s science specialist, Anita Bernhardt, has put together some suggestions on her Maine DOE SciTech Framework blog to encourage quality input to the standards. Individuals may review only a portion of the standards but collectively many people across the state will have contributed to the review of the entire document.

Also, by the time of the draft release, watch for updates to the NGSS web pages on the Maine DOE website with more resources.

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