Governor’s fourth STEM academy brainstorms best practices

The fourth cohort of the Maine Governor’s Academy for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education Leadership, comprised of 26 teacher leaders from around the state, met for the first time in December. This cohort benefits from the participation of 10 mentors who are graduates of previous Maine Governor’s Academies for Science and Math Leadership.

The Governor’s Academy is a two-year program consisting of the eight strands:

  1. Focus on standards-based teaching and learning (state and national)
  2. STEM models and practices
  3. Technology
  4. Leadership
  5. Effective STEM professional development
  6. Developing and facilitating collaborative STEM groups
  7. Building STEM partnerships
  8. STEM policy, engagement and advocacy

The December session focused on three strands: standards-based teaching, STEM models and practices, and leadership. Academy fellows learned about state and national standards work across the STEM disciplines. Understanding across science, technology, engineering and mathematics is essential to successful STEM work. Guided by the National Research Council publication Successful K-12 STEM Education, participants also discussed best practices to support STEM education in school settings. The Kouzes and Posner Leadership Inventory served as a backdrop for participants to consider the attributes needed to support STEM education reform and enhancement. Throughout the two days, participants were challenged to identify and find ways to leverage the overlaps among the STEM learning areas.

Academy fellows will meet again in the spring of 2013.

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