Child Development Services announces online referral submission

Child Development Services announces the launch of its website, which includes the ability for agencies, providers and individuals concerned about a child’s development to make online referrals.

The new CDS website address is On the website, you will also find the secure online referral form.

The following information is required when completing the referral form: the child’s name, date of birth, physical address, with whom the child lives, the area(s) of concern and any diagnosed conditions, the parent(s) or guardian(s) name(s), mailing address and phone numbers, the referral source’s name and contact information. If known, the child’s primary healthcare provider and any other agencies working with the child and/or family should be noted. The person making the referral will receive a submission confirmation via email.

Within three business days of receiving the referral, a representative from the CDS regional site serving the town in which the child resides will contact the parent/guardian to gather more information and discuss the concerns, provide information about CDS and determine the family’s interest in scheduling any screenings or evaluations to determine if the child is eligible for services.

Referrals to CDS may also be made by contacting the CDS Central Referral Coordinator (toll free at 877-770-8883 or fax 624-6661) or the regional CDS sites.

CDS provides early intervention and special education and related services to eligible children birth to pre-kindergarten (age five) who reside in Maine.

CDS consists of nine regional sites throughout the state of Maine and operates under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA). IDEA is a federal entitlement program that ensures eligible children with a disability or developmental delay from birth to age 20 receive early intervention or special education services. The Maine DOE has appointed CDS as the lead agency to identify, locate and evaluate any child, birth through age five.

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