UMF announces graduate course series in K-12 math leadership

University of Maine at Farmington is offering a series of four graduate courses to prepare educators for the challenges of being a mathematics leader, whether they are a math coach, math interventionist, Response to Intervention coordinator, Title I: math teacher, or grade-level team leader.

This series uses a blended design to include face-to-face meetings, tele-conferencing and online work. Coursework will be structured to match the needs of the enrollees. Courses may be taken individually or as a four-course sequence.

Course offerings

1.  EDU 529 Mathematics Leadership: From Standards to the Classroom

  • Common Core State Mathematics Standards and their evolution.
  • Vertical curriculum flow of the standards.
  • The relationship between RTI and the standards.
  • Creation of differentiated curriculum and curriculum documents from the standards.

2.  EDU 530 Mathematics Content Knowledge: The Math within the Common Core State Standards
Pending approval

  • Math Content Knowledge
    • Scope and Sequence
    • Standard Clusters & Domain Progressions
    • Learning Targets
      • Math in Performance Based Education & Mass Customized Learning
  • Math content knowledge and its connection to math pedagogical knowledge for instruction.

3.  Mathematics Pedagogical Knowledge: Effective Instructional Practices for Teaching the Standards.
Under development

4.  Mathematics Coaching: Supervision and the Culture of Leadership for Guiding the Professional Development of Other Educators.
Under development

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