Governor’s Conference on Education scheduled

Governor Paul R. LePage and I are pleased to announce the Governor’s Conference on Education, which will feature best practices and innovative reforms from around the nation.

One of Gov. LePage’s highest priorities in the legislative session is to improve and expand our children’s educational opportunities. While many good things are going on in Maine’s schools, we can always learn from the success of other states.

The conference is scheduled to feature keynote speaker Tony Bennett, the commissioner of education in Florida, along with leaders from other education organizations across the country. We’ve invited key stakeholders, including superintendent, principal, and teacher associations, as well as legislators and policy makers.

The conference will be held Friday, March 22 at Cony High School in Augusta. Learn more about the conference and its panelists on the Governor’s Conference on Education website.

5 thoughts on “Governor’s Conference on Education scheduled

  1. I am bringing a team to the NESSC conference, as well. More advance notice of this event would have helped with planning since it seems as though the two events are very similar.

  2. This conference is scheduled at the same time as the annual conference of the New England Secondary Schools Consortium (NESSC).

  3. Why wasn’t a location that could accommodate more attendees chosen? As an educator I would have enjoyed being given the opportunity to join this discussion. Will the presentations be recorded and made available online?

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