Requirements for transportation inclusion in IEP

Our Special Services team members are often asked under what circumstances and in what way does transportation appear in a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).

If a student’s disability results in a need for specialized transportation services beyond the regular transportation described in 20-A MRSA §5401-5402, then transportation must appear as a related service in Section 7 of the IEP (in the case of a transportation aide) and/or in Section 8 as a supplementary aid or service (in the case of specialized equipment or location). Examples of when this applies include the provision of a transportation aide or specialized equipment, or transportation to a location other than the school the student would attend if not identified with a disability

When transportation is being provided as a related service, the IEP must contain an annual goal corresponding to that service (e.g., a goal targeting the behavior that necessitates the provision of a transportation aide).

If you have additional questions about the development of IEPs as it pertains to transportation services, please contact Maine DOE Special Services Director Jan Breton at

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