Maine Department of Labor proposes rule changes to assist CTE students

The following release was originally published by the Maine Department of Labor on July 29, 2014.  

AUGUSTA – The Maine Department of Labor announced in a news release proposed changes to rules surrounding job training programs for minors. The purpose of the proposed change is to allow students enrolled in approved Career and Technical educational programs to train on specific equipment, located at a business that is necessary for their course of study.

Due to the size and expense of some modern, standard industrial equipment, CTE schools cannot afford to purchase or maintain that equipment solely for training students. The changes would allow students to train on the equipment at a business under strict supervision.  Businesses hosting the training will have to comply with a number of conditions under the proposed rules.

“Many technical educational programs are at a disadvantage because some of our labor laws have not kept up with the changes in technology and job training,” said Governor Paul R. LePage. “These changes will keep students safe but provide the opportunity to gain specific skills on updated equipment that our schools cannot afford to buy. This helps our students start on a great career and our businesses remain competitive.”

The proposed changes affect the “Rules Governing Hazardous Occupations for Minors Under the Age of Eighteen in Non-Agricultural Employment.” A copy of the proposed changes to the rules is available here.

“These changes are a result of collaboration between the Departments of Labor and Education,” said Commissioner of Education James Rier. “Our CTE students need access to training equipment so that the skills they learn in the CTE programs match the skills needed in their industries, and the Department of Labor responded.”

For information regarding the proposed rule changes and to file comment contact Susan Wasserott at the Maine Department of Labor, 54 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0054 or 207-621-5096 or email

For Career and Technical Education program information please contact the Department’s CTE Director, Margaret Harvey at or 207-624-6739.

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  1. Stop whining and get tech jobs, especially machinist jobs, back where they belong. We need a two year degree for this and recruiting strategy in ME desperately. Businesses can pickup after that.

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