Maine DOE partners with the UMF Office of Graduate Studies

Title I Schools identified as Focus within Maine, and demonstrating within school achievement gaps in mathematics performance, have the opportunity to utilize program improvement funds to support participation in the Maine Mathematics Coaching Project (MMCP) sponsored by the University of Maine at Farmington’s Office of Graduate Studies.

The MMCP has been designed to support districts and educators seeking to improve the quality of teaching and learning in mathematics, further supporting PreK-8 teachers transitioning to the role of elementary mathematics coach. Coaching provides embedded professional development and the building of capacity both within the district and the state increasing the opportunity for all students to master the rigorous requirements in this global society.

As part of Maine’s Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Flexibility Waiver, Maine has identified Title I schools with the greatest within school achievement gaps as Focus schools. Maine DOE continues to provide additional resources and supports to Title I Focus schools to further support school improvement planning, implementation and progress. The following Focus schools are eligible to receive program improvement funds should the district choose to participate in the MMCP and if they were identified for achievement gaps specifically in math.

Focus Schools

Calais Public School Calais Elementary School
Ellsworth Public School Ellsworth Elementary-Middle School
Lewiston Public School Lewiston Middle School
Lewiston School Department Martel School
Lisbon Public School Lisbon Community Schools
Mt Desert CSD Mt Desert Island High School
Portland Public Schools Howard C Reiche Community Sch
RSU 02 Marcia Buker School
RSU 06 George E Jack School
RSU 12 Palermo Consolidated School
RSU 18 Belgrade Central School
China Primary School
Williams Elementary School
RSU 22 Leroy H Smith School
RSU 23 C K Burns School
RSU 38 Readfield Elementary School
RSU 40 Union Elementary
RSU 41 Brownville Elementary School
Milo Elementary School
RSU 44 Crescent Park School
RSU 49 Benton Elementary School
RSU 50 Katahdin Elementary School
RSU 52 Leeds Central School
RSU 53/MSAD 53 Warsaw Middle School
RSU 78 Rangeley Lakes Regional School
RSU 82/MSAD 12 Forest Hills Consolidated School
RSU 87/MSAD 23 Caravel Middle School

For further information relating to participation and enrollment in the MMCP please contact Sandra MacArthur at 778-7186 or via email at

For further information relating to Title I school improvement please contact Janette Kirk, ESEA Title I Director at 624-6707 or via email at

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