Science professional development opportunity

The Maine DOE is offering science professional development for teachers of grades 6 -12 throughout the spring of the 2015-16 academic year.  This professional development is intended to build a science teacher leader community that has a solid understanding of effective teaching practices including three-dimensional instruction as discussed in A Framework for K-12 Science Education.  Two regional cohorts will be formed. Cohort members will be selected from across the state with a priority given to district teams which include one 9-12 science teacher and one 6-8 science teacher.

The two regional teacher groups will develop and evaluate lessons against a 3-dimensional instruction template and participating teachers will strengthen their working knowledge and repertoire of formative assessment strategies used in implementation of lessons, units, and formative assessments consistent with the Framework.

Additionally, the members of the regional cohorts will share their learning with teachers in their own districts.  The work will promote a deeper understanding of the instructional strategies linked to more rigorous curricula and that promote increased student engagement in learning.

Over time, this will work will facilitate communication between junior high and senior high level science instruction so that districts may begin to identify gaps and so that teachers can support each other in content and practice.

For more information and an application, contact Maine DOE Science and Technology Specialist Shari Templeton at or 624-6880.


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  1. Given the number of small, rural pK-8 schools in the state, preference being given to teams of middle/high school teachers appears to be biased against those schools.

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