Correction to Administrative Letter #2 2015 – Special purpose private school tuition rates

Administrative Letter Number: 2
Policy Code: BG/CH
To: Superintendents of Schools, Business Managers/Bookkeepers
From: William H. Beardsley, Acting Commissioner
Date: January 13, 2016
Re: Correction to Administrative Letter #2 2015 – Special Purpose Private School Tuition Rates

The MUSER citation and following explanatory text of the second paragraph of Administrative Letter #2 for 2015 is incorrect.

The current and corrected MUSER citation and explanatory text for the 2nd paragraph should read:

Pursuant to MUSER, Chapter 101, XVIII.3.C.2-3 billing for all special purpose private schools for education will only occur when the child is in attendance.

Please direct any further questions or concerns regarding this correction notice to: Edward Fournier, Coordinator of Finance and Data – Special Services, by voice at: 624-6845 or Jonathan Braff, Coordinator for State Agency Clients, by voice at: 624-6671.