MEA alternate testing window opens

The Multi-State Alternate Assessment (MSAA) for mathematics and English language arts/literacy testing window opens Wednesday, March 30 and closes May 13. Maine’s alternate assessment is required for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities in grades 3-8 and in the third year of high school.

The  MSAA Service Center is available to provide assistance at 866-834-8879 or

A two-hour webinar will be conducted Thursday, March 24 for all test administrators of the MSAA. The webinar will demonstrate how TAs can: navigate within the MSAA system, complete training modules and student profiles, complete the Student Response Check, find Directions for Test Administration, begin testing with available supports and accommodations, submit a student’s test, and complete the after test requirements.

This overview will outline the required training modules (based on the Test Administration Manual and Test Administration User’s Guide) found within the MSAA system.

Registration is required to receive contact hours for the webinar. All TAs may register here.

For further information regarding the MSAA alternate assessment contact Alternative Assessment Coordinator Sue Nay at or call 624-6774.