Deputy Commissioner joins radio show on WVOM

Deputy Education Commissioner Bill Beardsley joined the George Hale Ric Tyler Show on Bangor’s WVOM earlier this month. Beardsley talked about everything from forestry and the economy to testing and proficiency-based diplomas.

On the topic of the pulp industry in Maine, Beardsley mentioned he is hopeful that Maine’s students will be able to solve problems, think critically, and weigh the pros and cons in decisions like creating new mills in the state. “This,” he said, “is the interface between energy, economy, and education.”

The Deputy Commissioner also mentioned that Maine is above the national graduation rate, and even in the most isolated schools, Maine still has tremendous success. Beardsley attributes this to the leadership within the schools themselves.

Stable, simple, comparable testing as well as the need for proficiency-based diplomas was discussed on WVOM, the Voice of Maine.

Beardsley ended the interview with a small discussion about the paths students choose to WVOM Beardsleytake after high school. “Four-year programs are not for everyone,” Hale commented. Beardsley agreed electricians and plumbers need to come from somewhere and said, “Nationally certified trades are extremely attractive to recent graduates right now.”

The full interview can be heard here.