DC&R Financial and Compliance Forms incorrectly shown as overdue

The Data Collection and Reporting (DC&R) System went live earlier this year as a replacement for the Missing Reports system the Department previously used to inform school systems, and the public, when reports are coming due, or had not been received. During the transition to DC&R, historical information for the financial reports was used to determine if reports were received. These reports include actual expenditures, actual revenue, actual balance sheet, budget expenditure, budget revenue, EF-S-07, EF-S-214, and audits. Unfortunately, as Missing Reports did not include some of the reports, reports that are currently showing as not received, have in fact been received by the Department.

The School Finance and Compliance Team is working to update DC&R to correctly display which reports have not been received. All current forms are being checked in manually until an automated process is established. Please contact Maine DOE School Finance and Compliance Coordinator Tyler Backus at tyler.backus@maine.gov with any questions.