Opportunity to develop, pilot and implement an evidence-based preschool curriculum for Maine

The Maine Department of Education has received a grant from the U.S. Department of Education to adapt and develop an evidence-based preschool curriculum in collaboration with Boston Public Schools (BPS).  Participating districts will work with the Maine DOE and a curriculum consultant from BPS to make this highly successful curriculum relevant to Maine’s students.

Selecting and purchasing a curriculum, as well as providing the training and coaching needed for implementation fidelity, has been a challenge for many school districts with prek programs.  This funding will allow 10 districts (or fewer depending on the number of prek classrooms/district) to participate in adapting a highly successful, evidence-based curriculum that aligns with Maine’s Early Learning & Development Standards and is designed for Maine’s prek programs.

In addition to participating in writing, the curriculum teachers and coaches, and/or curriculum coordinators will receive materials, supplies, training and coaching to pilot and implement the curriculum during the 18-19 school year.

For further information and to apply, download the Q&A and Application or contact Sue Reed at Susan.D.Reed@maine.gov.