New deadline for changes in documenting medical services in Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs)

On April 14, 2018, the Department issued guidance regarding a change in IEP requirements in Administrative Letter #13. The purpose of the change is to document educationally and medically necessary services on the IEP aligning to Section 65 and Section 28 of the MaineCare Benefits Manual.

On May 1, 2018, the Department issued a priority notice putting in effect a 1-month hold (until June 1, 2018) on the implementation, in order to resolve some questions on IEP document wording. After further review, it has been concluded that an extended delay in implementation is needed.  The Department expects the new procedures and forms to be clarified soon. The Department will announce the new effective date and clarified language as soon as possible.

For more information, contact the Department of Education’s Office of Special Services at (207) 624 -6713.