School funding update: Department will distribute funding amounts in 18/19 ED 279s until legislature acts

Included in the bills that have not yet been acted upon by the 128th legislature in the 2018 legislative session, there was an appropriations bill LD 1869 that, among other things, finalized specific figures used for calculating school funding in the Essential Programs and Services (EPS) formula, the formula used to distribute funds to districts throughout the State.

If the legislature does not reconvene and act upon school funding appropriations by July 1, 2018 (start of the next fiscal year), the Department will distribute subsidy amounts estimated in the 2018/19 ED 279 subsidy print-outs until the legislature acts.

To view the 2018/19 ED 279 subsidy print-outs visit:

Districts that have questions regarding subsidy print-outs can contact the School Finance Team: Tyler Backus at; Paula Gravelle at; or Ida Batista at