ESEA Federal Fund Manual Extension Changes

The Maine Department of Education’s ESEA Federal Programs Team is providing an update regarding the requesting of manual extensions for ESEA Federal funds.

The ESEA Federal Programs will continue to grant manual extensions to school administrative units (SAUs) that were unable to expend their ESEA Federal carryover funds within the expected two-year time frame however, manual extension requests for FY17 funds will only be accepted until August 15, 2018. Requests submitted August 16, 2018 and beyond will not be reviewed or approved.

All requests for manual extensions should go to the district’s ESEA regional team member. Manual extension requests require all funds to be obligated by September 30, 2018 and liquidated by October 30, 2018.

With the understanding that it is not always possible to plan expenditures of ESEA Federal Funds within the fiscal year the funds are granted. In the event that funds are not expended, the ESEA allows for SAUs to carry funds over into the following year. The provision for a manual extension should be the last option in order to expand funds carried over from prior years.

Your continual support as a responsible steward of ESEA Federal Funds is greatly appreciated. If you have questions regarding manual extensions, please contact your ESEA regional team member.