Certification Updates and Reminders

The certification team is happy to report out that more than 15,000 applications have been processed since mid-June. Processing time is currently 10 weeks – an impressive national statistic for this time of year and a significant change from recent years in Maine.  The MEIS system continues to create efficiencies and the Department looks forward to being able to release initial applications into the new online system shortly.


  • Renewal applicants that have not yet been processed still maintain their current credentials throughout the duration of the renewal process.
  • Please ensure applicants are using the most recent applications found on the certification website. Older applications do need to be mailed back.

Please note that applications are processed in the order in which they are received; however, there are many items an applicant can do in order to be processed as quickly as possible:

  • Send complete applications with everything needed in one package.
  • Be sure to sign the applications, answer all questions, remember the expiration date if paying with credit card, and include the correct fee.
  • The certification team is on the phone support line for seven hours a day. If questions can be easily answered on the new website, please check there first to allow for more processing time each day.
  • If it has not been 10 weeks since sending in the application, please do not call or email asking for a status update as that dramatically slows down the process.

The certification office will be posting updates on the Certification home page as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and in the DOE newsroom.