Maine DOE Hosts Meeting of Regional Service Center Executive Directors

The Maine Department of Education recently hosted the 9 regional service center (RSC) executive directors in the inaugural meeting of RSC statewide leadership. Representatives from each RSC participated in the meeting led by the Maine Department of Education’s EMBRACE team.

The meeting provided opportunities for:

  • Discussing a framework for continued state-level support for RSCs
  • Creating a professional cohort of RSC Executive Directors
  • Questions and answers from Maine DOE staff and each other
  • Gaining a statewide perspective on RSC implementation, organizational development, activities, and services

Maine DOE outlined the data points the regional service center will report in the first year of operation, in addition to the following:

  • Define the RSC goals
  • Define how the RSC will measure year 1 success
  • Provide financial reports
  • Detail specific elements of state-level support needed

Regional Service Center executive directors shared their RSC’s activities. It was noted that RSCs are in varying stages of development; some are further along because the regional collaboration is a continuation of efforts already in place.

Ben Sirois, Superintendent of MSAD 27 & Executive Director of Valley Unified RSC updates other RSC Executive Directors

Some highlights include:

  • In 2015-16 Valley Unified’s RSC (prior to becoming an RSC) began working on their comprehensive regional strategic plan, which allowed them to be well-positioned to apply for Maine DOE’s EMBRACE I and II grant funding opportunities. Most recently the RSC was approved for an integrated, consolidated 9-16 facilities project.
  • In southern Maine, the Greater Sebago Education Alliance RSC is developing, among their many services, resources for a leadership academy in partnership with the University of Southern Maine, and developing resources for English Learners diversity training and intake procedures.

For more information on statewide regionalization initiatives visit the EMBRACE Regionalized Programs and Services webpages or contact the EMBRACE team Regionalization Specialists Jennifer Pooler at or Deb Lajoie at