Reminder to Complete Dropout Certification

This is a general reminder that dropout reporting is due on Friday, December 14th. All public schools that contain any grades 7 through 12 are required to complete this report. Please start working on these reports as soon as possible in order to give the DOE and yourselves time to make any corrections/changes to the dropout reports before it is too late. Below you can find a link to the directions.

Dropout Reporting Directions (PDF)

Please note the following: Once you have finished completing your reports by clicking the ‘Completed’ button on each report, you will need to hit the “Submit to DOE” button in order for us to know your report is ready for approval. Otherwise, it will be seen as not finished.

If there is an error you cannot correct with an edit to the students last exit status, please contact either the helpdesk ( 207-624-6896) or Trevor Burns ( 207-624-6678) instead of leaving comments on the student. These comments can be missed and won’t be seen unless the report has already been submitted to the DOE, where we will assume all has checked out on your end.