PRIORITY NOTICE: Update Regarding the Release if the ED 279 Subsidy Printouts

The Maine Department of Education has been working as quickly and efficiently as possible to calculate and prepare the ED 279 Subsidy Printouts as we know that school districts rely on this information to set their local budget.

The Department is pleased to report that the technology issues that were identified earlier on in the process have been completely cleared up. The only remaining element needed to complete the printouts is the General Purpose Aid (GPA) amount. That amount will come from the Governor’s budget which is scheduled for release on February 8th.

Once we receive this amount, we will be able to load it into the formula to complete the process. The anticipated release of the ED 279 Subsidy Printouts is February 15, 2019 at the very latest. We sincerely hope to complete them even sooner.

Further information will be available as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.