Certification Processing Times & Reminders

A huge thank you to the education field for their patience and understanding as the DOE has continued to implement enhancements to the new online certification system and enhance information found on the certification webpage.

Processing Times

Additionally, the DOE is now taking steps to provide additional manpower to the certification team in the upcoming weeks. Processing time has been reduced from 12 weeks to 7 weeks (currently) for all complete applications and the intent is to continue to minimize processing time. Our goal is to reduce processing times to a 3-week turnaround time by the end of February.

Renewal Reminders

Ed Tech renewals that expire on February 1, 2019 will need to be done through the online certification system (Maine Education Information System portal). If educators have not yet created their online account, please do so. Step by step instructions on how to create an account and apply for renewal can be found here.

Teachers (and Ed Techs if applicable) will appear on the renewal verification list 6 months prior to their expiration date. Once you verify they have completed renewal requirements, teachers are welcome to complete their online renewal. If a teacher renews early, the new certificate will not begin until the current one expires.

Only renewal applications are being submitted through the MEIS system. For new certificates, new endorsements, or certificates that have lapsed, paper applications need to be mailed to or dropped off at the certification office.

Further information is available on the Maine DOE Certification webpage, or in the Maine DOE Newsroom. For specific questions about certification status contact the Certification Office at 207-624-6603.