Recent Highlights from Noble Middle School in RSU 60

Civil Rights Team Hosts Annual “Theme Week” with Success

Submitted by Terese Hodgdon, Secretary at Noble Middle School

In Berwick, Maine, Noble Middle School Guidance Counselors, Amy Malette and Sarah Burcalow, have been co-advisors of our Civil Rights Team for many years. They typically have 15-20 students on the Civil Rights Team. Meeting once a week, the students work on projects that fulfill the Maine Civil Rights Team Project mission statement:  We help schools think and talk about issues related to race and skin color, national origin and ancestry, religion, disabilities, gender (including gender identity and expression), and sexual orientation.

Recently, the Civil Rights Team hosted the annual “theme week.” This year, it was called “Identity Week.” Students and staff wore different clothing each day to show support for the different areas covered under the Maine Civil Rights Law. Students were invited to the office each morning to read a quote that pertained to the daily category. This year’s clothing options were as follows:

  • Monday: Wear Black and White clothing to show your support of all races and skin colors
  • Tuesday: Wear the colors of the flag of your national origin or ancestry.
  • Wednesday:  Wear all the colors of the rainbow to show your support of all genders and sexual orientations.
  • Thursday: Wear comfy clothing to show that people of all religions should feel comfortable in school.
  • Friday: Wear a hat to ‘put a lid’ on discrimination against disabilities.

During lunch periods, a table was set up in the cafeteria where there was a banner of flowers. Students could pick a petal and write on it what they were proud to identify with.

Fitness for Life and Teacher Good Enrich the Lives at Noble Middle School

Submitted by Elyse Galeucia, Literacy Coach at Noble Middle School

Over the years Noble Middle School (NMS), in Berwick, Maine, has been lucky enough to have wonderful teachers. Many do not compare to that of Physical Education teacher Rebecca Good. Ms. Good not only embraces her physical education curriculum, but is stellar in building relationships with students by investing and modeling the lifestyle she thinks everyone should have both physically and emotionally.

Every child Ms. Good has taught, both past and present, would all agree that she is a powerful, impactful, and unforgettable teacher. She has always had such finesse when working with students within their middle school years, an extremely delicate period of their lives.

Although there are many notable moments in Ms. Good’s 35+ year career, one of her many successes has been her Fitness for Life program at NMS. This program has allowed Ms. Good to invite many different community members, such as firefighters, police officers, Navy personnel, and parents, into the school to lead fitness classes in order to model how they are “fit for life.” Furthermore, she not only has brought this program to the classroom, on multiple occasions, she has scheduled times during the morning for the whole school (all 532 students) to work out together, staff and administrators included!

Ms. Good strives for excellence and is never satisfied with “good enough.” Within her daily physical education curriculum she is always finding ways to imbed literacy and technology in order to engage and bind her message of truly living a balanced life.