Maranacook Community High School Teacher Selected to Attend Friends of the National World War II Memorial Teachers Network and Conference in DC

Submitted by Shane Gower, Social Studies Teacher at Maranacook Community High School in Readfield, RSU 38.

Maranacook Community High School teacher Shane Gower was among 50 educators from across the country selected to travel to Washington, D.C. this summer to participate in the Fourth Annual Friends of the National World War II Memorial Teachers Network and Conference.

The conference will feature presentations by fellow educators and other experts in the area of World War II history, discussions with World War II veterans, tours of sites of World War II significance, and a remembrance ceremony at the World War II Memorial.

“At the heart of Friends’ Teachers Network and Conference program is the concept of community service,” said Holly Rotondi, executive director of the Friends of the National World War II Memorial. “Through a thoroughly prepared and well-devised community engagement program, our educators share what they learned during their time in Washington, D.C. with their students, fellow teachers, and the community at-large. The result is countless service-learning initiatives popping up across the nation that promote critical thinking and personal reflection while encouraging a heightened sense of community, civic engagement, and personal responsibility.”

“Working with students to learn about the Fallen Heroes of the Second World War from Maine has been a great passion for me,” said Gower. “I am very excited to learn more about the War and ways to expand remembering their sacrifice in our community.”

The 2019 conference will have the theme of “Industry and Innovation During World War II.” Friends of the national World War II Memorial covers all the costs of the conference for the teachers, including a travel stipend. Mr. Gower will receive a certificate for 30 continuing education hours.

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