Portland High School Students Present About Their Internships

Image caption: Tyler Karu (right) of Tyler Karu Interior Design looks on as interns pose for a photo after their presentations to a freshman seminar class. From left to right are: Tahj Hebert (City of Portland IT Intern), Gloria Sanchez (Tyler Karu Interior Designs Intern), Will Gordon (Garrand Marketing Intern)

Submitted by Andrea Levinsky, Extended Learning Opportunities Coordinator, Portland High School

About thirty Portland High School students presented about their community-based internships that they have had this year. Students spent at least 45 hours on their internships learning about a career field of high interest to them and earned an elective credit for completing the experience.

Internships allow students to learn career-specific skills. Tahj Hebert, an intern with the City of Portland’s Information Technology department enjoyed using computer science to help people in the community. Tahj’s project was to use arcGIS mapping software to analyze the connection between weather and car crashes. Tahj said that “by the end I was able to create maps using the data available to the city of Portland, use in-software tools to analyze the data presented in the maps, and make my own tools by writing my own python scripts and running them in the application.”

Interns and mentors pose for a photo after presentations to a Jobs for Maine’s Graduates class. From left to right are: Anne Fisher (Painting for a Purpose Staff), Robby Sheils (Painting for a Purpose Intern), Nate Thorne (Portland Players Intern), Diane Mutoni (Maine Youth Court Intern), Mike Freysinger (Maine Youth Court Staff)

Students are able to learn more about a potential career path through an internship. Will Gordon was able to experience the role of an art director at Garrand Marketing and now better understands what that career path entails. He said that the internship “was an awesome experience, I was able to get in front of other professional artists and learn what that type of job is like.”

Internship are a direct link to future jobs and mentorship. In her internship, Gloria Sanchez was able to solidify her passion for her chosen career path of interior design by interning with Tyler Karu Interior Designs. She gained experience in creating designs and working with clients. Gloria was even hired by the company for a summer job following her internship!

Internships allow students to practice college and career readiness skills. Diane Mutoni, an intern with Maine Youth Court said that in her internship she “Learned how to communicate with people despite the situation and [learned about] listening and understanding without judging.” She also said she learned time-management skills and work better in groups.

Thank you so much to the companies that hosted interns this year including: The Dehler Animal Clinic, Forest Avenue Veterinary Hospital, Portland Parks and Recreation, VIA Marketing Agency, Garrand Marketing, The Maine Audubon, The Maine Jewish Film Festival, Casco Bay Artisans, The Cedars, Maine Youth Court, Painting for a Purpose, Portland Players, Planned Parenthood, Kingspoke, 75 State Street, Systems Engineering, Lee Auto, Signature Soul, City of Portland IT, Nat Warren-White Drama Therapist, The Barron Center, Toni’s Touch Hair Salon, Ryan Lucas Athletic Trainer, Tyler Karu Interior Designs, and Lyseth Elementary School.  

Portland High School is always looking for more internship partners. If your business or organization is interested in hosting an internship next year, please contact Andrea Levinsky, Extended Learning Opportunities Coordinator at levina@portlandschools.org.