Migrant Education Program School Survey

The Maine Migrant Education Program (MEP) provides the following School Survey to all Maine school districts to help the Maine MEP locate families that may qualify for related services. Families can elect to complete this form in their primary language.

Each school district is responsible for sending out a Migrant Education Program School Survey for new students entering their school district. This school survey can be in a  “New Student Packet”. The school survey is sent back to the Maine Department of Education if all questions are answered “Yes”. Schools should shred forms that are answered “No”. The Migrant Education Office at the DOE follows up with all referrals with families, determines eligibility for Title I, Part C (Migrant), and provides supplemental services based on individual needs.

If families have traveled (including over the summer) to do work in agriculture or fishing, their children may be eligible for free supplemental educational support services through the Maine Department of Education’s Migrant Education Program.

For more information, please contact Amelia Lyons at 207-557-1787 or amelia.lyons@maine.gov