Reminder of Initial Audit Requirement Due November 1

We would like to remind business managers, and those with fiscal reporting responsibilities for SAUs, that the statements of assurance and the Maine Education Financial Systems (MEFS) Financial reconciliations are due by November 1st, as required by Title 20-A MRSA §6051 (4).

The statement of assurance should include:

  • Written determination of whether or not proper budgetary controls are in place
  • A written determination of whether or not the annual financial data submitted to the department is correct, including submission of an audited reconciliation of the annual financial data prepared and certified by the auditor;
  • A written determination as to whether the school administrative unit has complied with applicable provisions of the Essential Programs and Services Funding Act.

Any adjustments identified by these reconciliations should be submitted to Maine Education Financial System by November 30th.

For more information or assistance, please contact Stephanie Clark, Fiscal Compliance Associate, School Finance & Operations for the Department of Education at 207-624-6807 or