Principals and Health Teachers- Please Complete Your School Health Profiles

The amount of time young people spend in school provides an excellent opportunity to help improve the health status of children and adolescents. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention developed the School Health Profiles (SHP) as a tool to measure progress in the implementation of school policies and practices. Principals and Lead Health education Teachers in middle and high schools are given the survey every even year. The last survey was conducted in 2018.

Maine’s efforts in health education and physical education curriculum, aligned to the Maine Learning Results, have led to improvements in several major adolescent risk behaviors. As two examples, school programs have played a part in significantly reducing adolescent smoking and in increasing sexual abstinence. The next challenge will be to reduce use of electronic vapor products.

Maine has had an excellent response rate since the inception of the survey in 1996, and are thankful to all principals and lead health teachers who participate.

The 2020 School Health Profile (SHP) survey will be completed entirely online this year. Your participation and support in completing this year’s survey is greatly appreciated, as it is vital to the improvement of health-related policies and practices in Maine’s schools, and ultimately the health of students.