Maine DOE Data Management Systems Summer Training 2020-2021

The Maine Department of Education Data Team will be holding their annual summer trainings during the last two weeks of July and the first two weeks of August.  The focus this year will be on tips and resources to assist School Administrative Units (SAUs) with data reporting and with viewing/certifying reports.

  • Training sessions this year will be held remotely utilizing the GoToWebinar™ application.
  • All training sessions will begin with a presentation and conclude with a topical Q&A. Please feel free to register for as many sessions as you would like.
  • Sessions are duplicated to ensure as much availability as possible.
  • All sessions will be recorded and posted to the Helpdesk’s Webinar Page .
  • These training sessions are not necessarily intended for individuals who are brand new to state required reporting.

The MEDMS helpdesk is now offering one on one onboard training for SAU and school staff that are new to state required reporting. To request this training, simply email the MEDMS helpdesk at and request our new user training. Please note that these trainings will be held as helpdesk availability allows.

Training Sessions, Dates and Times

What’s New for 2021 & Online Resources – A presentation of all of the new staff and student data requirements for the 2020-2021 school year. We will also review the helpful online resources available to SAU and school staff charged with required state reporting

  • July 21st @ 10AM – 12PM              Register Now
  • August 11th @ 10AM – 12PM        Register Now

Student Upload Error Messages – This presentation will focus on understanding the various possible error messages that you may receive when uploading student data to Synergy State Edition.

Updating and Maintaining Contact Information – In this session we will be discussing why this data is important, how this data is used by the Department and how to keep staff contact information up to date.

NEO Staff Refresher – A refresher of the NEO Staff module including data entry, associated reports and helpful resources.

  • August 4th @ 1PM – 3PM              Register Now
  • August 11th @ 1PM – 3PM             Register Now

Externally Managed Data – (EL, Migrant, Foster Care, Residential, Direct Certification, etc.…) – A presentation focused on exploring and explaining student data elements that are derived from sources outside of the reporting SAU.

  • July 21st @ 1PM – 3PM                   Register Now
  • August 6th @ 10AM – 12PM          Register Now

Student Reports – This session will cover all of the various reports in the NEO Student Reports module.

  • July 22nd @ 10AM – 12PM              Register Now
  • August 12th @ 1PM – 3PM             Register Now

Home Instruction – Presenting of the NEO Home Instruction module, how it works, who it is for, as well as any updates for the 2021 school year.

  • July 22nd @ 1PM – 3PM                 Register Now
  • August 12th @ 10AM – 12PM        Register Now

Review of Enrollment Guidance Document – In this session we will be reviewing one of our most valuable online resources, our Enrollment Guidance document. This document depicts unique enrollment situations and who is responsible for what data requirements in these situations.

  • August 5th @10AM – 12PM           Register Now
  • August 10th @ 1PM – 3PM            Register Now