PRIORITY NOTICE: Graduation Reporting Process Simplified for SAUs

The Maine Department of Education Data Team is constantly striving to streamline and simplify required data collections.  Recent work has been done to simplify 2019-2020 graduation reporting and processing.  These efforts came swiftly and in response to data quality concerns and feedback received from our School Administrative Units (SAUs).
While the change may seem ill timed given the current demands on SAUs, we feel the improvements outweigh the interruption to the current reporting and processing cycle.  Currently graduation reporting and processing is in Phase Two, which includes confirmation of graduating students who completed requirements over the summer, finalizing submission of 4, 5, and 6-year cohorts, and finalizing transfers-in, transfers-out, and completers.  The Phase Two module will be modified, and this phase will now only ask for you to put in completion status for your summer graduates.
At a date later this calendar year, a report will be made available for you to certify your graduates for all 3 cohort years.  Going forward, there will be no need for Graduation Phase One module, Graduation Phase Two module, and final submission.  The goal is to have you simply validate and certify the students in the adjusted cohort, and whether they graduated the past year or not.
The reports will be more streamlined; there will be no need to validate transfers-in, and the work regarding transfers-out will be significantly diminished with validation and attention to correct usage of exit codes.
Please be on the lookout for a future webinar regarding these new processes.  Dates for the new process will be forthcoming as well, as soon as we can schedule the work with our IT partners.  The goal is for the new process to be in production prior to the end of this calendar year. We look forward to making this process easier for everyone.  If you have questions about these changes, please contact Charlotte Ellis 207.624.6696