Maine Organizations Launch New “Teach ME Outside” Website for Educators

A collaborative effort between three Maine organizations called “Teach ME Outside” has recently launched a new website to provide support for Maine educators and community members interested in environmental and outdoor learning for all Maine youth. The site contains educational resources, upcoming training opportunities, and data from across the state. Also featured on the website is the brand new Maine Environmental Education and Outdoor Learning Resource Directory, a dynamic and searchable map and tool that parents, educators, and community members can use to discover and connect with environmental and outdoor learning partners in their area. The website also has an interactive data dashboard which provides the opportunity to ask your own questions related to data from the 2019 Maine Community-based Environmental Learning (CBEL) Census.

Upcoming events hosted by Teach ME Outside include the Annual Maine Environmental Education Research Symposium Speaker Series. Every Tuesday in May will feature an expert in environmental education who will highlight cutting edge national research. Speakers include:

  • Louise Chawla, University of CO Boulder: Environmental Education + Nature-Based Learning = Healthy and Engaged Students
  • C. Busch, NC State University: Why Do We Think What We Think About Climate Change
  • Bruce Young, North American Association for Environmental Education: Practitioners Guide to Assess Connection To Nature
  • Tallie Segel, EE of New Mexico: Addressing Diversity and Inclusion in Environmental Education

Visit the Teach ME Outside website at to register for the above events and discover new ways to support environmental learning in your community!

The goal of Teach ME Outside is to support and work in partnership with Maine communities to ensure that all Maine youth have access to powerful, hands-on environmental learning opportunities. This initiative builds on the collaborative work of many different organizations and individuals over the past decade and is led today by a partnership between the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance (MMSA), Maine Environmental Education Association (MEEA), and Nature Based Education Consortium (NBEC). This project is made possible with support from the Pisces Foundation and the Elmina B. Sewall Foundation.

About the Organizations

The Maine Math & Science Alliance is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that finds inspiring new ways to get people excited about science, technology, engineering and math today, so that our youth can become the innovators, problem solvers, and workforce of tomorrow. Visit

The Maine Environmental Education Association enhances and amplifies the efforts of individuals and organizations building environmental awareness, appreciation, understanding, and action in Maine. We work towards building an environmentally literate Maine where powerful learning experiences connect individuals to the state’s landscapes. Visit

The Nature-Based Education Consortium is a growing multi-sector network of organizations focused on building support for and equitable access to outdoor learning opportunities for all Maine youth. We believe that all Maine youth deserve the opportunity to learn outside in ways that connect them to their community and the natural world.

For more information, contact Alex Brasili at 207-230-4617 or email at