Seeking School Employees and Educators to Host WAVES Virtual Communities for Maine Teens

Wilderness Activities and Virtual Engagement for Students- WAVES

The Maine Department of Education (DOE) is seeking hosts for virtual communities for Maine teens as an important part of a Maine DOE initiative, WAVES (Wilderness Activities and Virtual Engagement for Students). The WAVES Virtual Communities are housed on the WAVES website and are open to all Maine teens. The purpose of a WAVES Virtual Community is to provide an opportunity for teens across Maine to connect safely and socially around a shared affinity, as a way to deliver on the vision “every week every Maine teen safely engages socially with a community of peers.”

Do you miss the students who would linger after school to talk and with whom you shared favorite poems or books? Or the group of students who would always spend lunchtime in your classroom to share and compare their latest fishing feats? Please consider hosting a WAVES Virtual Community and supporting those connections outside of the classroom and across Maine that we know are so meaningful to us all, and so important for our teens!

Virtual Community host applicants are encouraged to be creative and consider their own interests, teens’ interests, and their own experiences around how teens connect with adults and to each other when creating a WAVES Virtual Community. Examples of Virtual Communities below are only provided to support creative thinking, and not to hinder or restrict it:

  • Creative Writing*
  • Gaming Club*
  • Music Appreciation- let’s share and talk about our favorite music!*
  • Mental Health Awareness Group*
  • Poetry Club
  • Citizen Science or Environmental Advocacy group
  • Theater group
  • Empowered Youth: Let’s be a change agents together

As a Virtual Community Host, you’ll be expected to host regular virtual meetings (at least monthly) outside of traditional school hours, engage in ongoing communication with the WAVES Project Director, and meet other expectations to protect the safety of all Virtual Community members. Please see the FAQ for prospective hosts for additional information.

We are committed to supporting our hosts and making sure WAVES Virtual Communities are safe and inclusive. To this end, WAVES will provide a $150 stipend/month for Virtual Community hosts and be responsive to your Virtual Community’s needs and feedback.

If you’re interested in hosting a Virtual Community, please submit the Virtual Community Host application:

Virtual Community Host application

You will hear back shortly so we may work collaboratively to start your WAVES Virtual Community and invite teens to join!

Please contact Project Director Sarah Woog ( with questions or feedback. Thank you for all you do for Maine youth!