Invitation to Education Leaders to Apply NOW for Maine’s Leadership Development Program  

The Maine Department of Education (DOE) invites educators to apply for a year-long professional learning opportunity. The Maine Leadership Development Program (LDP) is an initiative designed to build and strengthen leadership skills among Maine’s educational leaders. In our ongoing efforts to support and foster impactful leadership in Maine, educators who aspire to do the same are invited to take advantage of this high-impact opportunity! 

Who should apply?   

  • Current and aspiring leaders within schools, School Administrative Units (SAUs), or at the state level;  
  • Some examples of past and current participants are teachers, principals, assistant principals, department leaders, school board members, school counselors, assistant superintendents, instruction and curriculum directors, CTE directors, DOE staff, transition coordinators, school improvement coaches, and superintendents; 
  • Instructional coaches, K-12 deans of students, heads of schools, Title I directors, special education directors, English learner directors, CTE instructors and ESEA coordinators are encouraged to apply as well. 
  • If you are a leader in education in Maine, this program may be a great fit for you! 

What is the commitment? 

  • Participants will attend a fall orientation on September 30, 2021, followed by 12 two full day units (virtual and in-person). Pre-work is required for each unit;   
  • Each participant will design and develop a job-embedded action learning plan over the course  of the year. 

How is the program designed?  

  • The LDP is a nationally researched (NISL), evidenced-based, locally delivered cohort model of learning that improves the practice of leadership, transforms instruction, and focuses on increasing equity and student achievement in schools; 
  • The program is a blended learning model that includes inquiry (using research-based texts and case studies), action learning, and engaging activities and simulations with practical applications that meet the needs of leaders. Cohort members experience deep learning not only through the materials and program design, but also through lively and fulfilling content and context-based conversations with fellow participants. 
  • Upon completion of the Maine LDP, participants will be nationally NISL certified and receive a certificate for corresponding contact hours.  

I’m interested… What next? 

  • The Maine DOE encourages educational leaders to apply today for this exciting opportunity! Prior to making the commitment, please be sure to review the schedule for the 2021-2022 Maine LDP cohort, found here; 
  • To access more information, hear from past participants, and review application materials please visit:;  
  • Applications are due by August 24, 2021 and require the support of a supervisor; 
  • Half hour interviews will be scheduled after applications are reviewed; 
  • Selected participants are expected to attend a virtual half-day orientation on September 30, 2021; 
  • For more information please email  

What other opportunities are available to current or aspiring leaders?