Education Commissioner Pender Makin Visits Kingman Elementary School

This week, Maine Education Commissioner Pender Makin visited Kingman Elementary School, one of Maine’s Education in Unorganized Territory (EUT) schools. Makin brought miniature rosebushes to the three educators at the school to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, observed in classrooms, met with students and with staff, joined recess, and enjoyed lunch with students.

Kingman implements a multi-age/multi-grade classroom model for students in grades pre-k through six who live in the townships of Kingman and Prentiss.

“This is truly a unique learning environment,” Makin said. “In a region where there are no businesses or establishments other than the school itself, and where families typically live significant distances from one another, the school creates the only community outside of individual families.”

Also, be sure to watch Commissioner Makin’s message to Maine’s educators for Teacher Appreciation Week.