MOOSE Team Leader Openings

The Maine Department of Education is seeking educational experts to join the Office of Innovation team as MOOSE (Maine Online Opportunities for Sustained Education) Team Leaders. These full-time, fully remote positions will provide leadership in the creation of PK-12, project-based learning progressions for the MOOSE platform. All learning progression topics and the individual modules are highly interdisciplinary.

As the Team Leader, you will be actively involved with your topic team to support the integration of the identified topic area into the modules. You will be responsible for ensuring that the team’s modules adhere to the established module criteria and are created within the specified timeline by scheduling regular meetings, establishing checkpoints, ensuring that the module requirements are met, and guiding the overall success of the team. Module criteria emphasize equity and inclusion, social-emotional and trauma-informed learning, and universal design for learning among other areas of focus.

The day-to-day tasks of this role will vary. In some weeks, you will be more involved in synchronous support, training the creators, helping to conceptualize the learning progression, attending creator meetings outside of typical ‘school hours’, and providing other direct support. Other weeks will focus on more indirect/asynchronous support by answering creator questions, developing training and scaffolding materials for your creators, and providing helpful reminders, support, and referrals, as necessary.

In addition to active consultation and support, as a Team Leader, you will also provide resources, offer targeted professional learning, and other topic-specific support for content creators to ensure that the topic area is represented in the module in an effective and comprehensive manner.

A critical part of this Team Leader role is comfort with technology integrated instruction. Many of our most engaging MOOSE modules center around the effective integration of technology. MOOSE Team Leaders should be comfortable using technology, learning new tools, and supporting innovative uses of technology to create interactive and engaging modules.

These positions can be traditionally contracted (you must be an active educator in the State of Maine) or contracted as a Distinguished Educator. Distinguished Educator positions are set up as an exchange agreement between the Department of Education and your local school district. Through the agreement, the Department pays your local school for the duration of your contract as a Distinguished Educator, allowing your school to temporarily fill your vacant position and continue to pay you your current rate with benefits while you work with the Department of Education. Once the one-year contract is complete, you will be able to return to your position within that district.

If you are interested in learning more about MOOSE and these positions, please visit our website. When you are ready to apply, you can access the application by clicking here. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning July 5th and continuing until the positions are filled. Please direct any specific questions about the position or the project to MOOSE Project Manager, Jennifer Page (