Get to Know the Maine DOE Team: Meet Robert Palmer

Robert Palmer

Maine DOE team member Robert Palmer is being highlighted this week as part of the Get to Know the Maine DOE Team Campaign. Learn a little more about Robert in the question and answer below.

What are your roles with DOE?

I am Management Analyst II for the EANS (Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools) team. I make up the fiscal and procurement section of the EANS Team.

What do you like best about your job?

I enjoy assisting the Non Public Schools to better enable the children to learn more effectively in safe/secure environment.

How or why did you decide on this career?

I decided to work with the EANS team because I enjoy challenging myself. Working with Non-Public Schools and the ever changing funding sources provides a challenge that is always evolving. Being able to adapt and overcome each challenge while helping the schools is very rewarding.

What do you like to do outside of work for fun?

I enjoy spending as much time outside as possible. Most of the time is spent hiking, hunting and fishing. If I am not outside, I can be found renovating my rental properties. I enjoy learning how to do things for myself and as any home owner knows, something always needs to be done.