Maine ASCD and Maine DOE: Whole-Student Micro-Credential Partnership

Maine ASCD and the Maine Department of Education are collaborating to connect and provide anywhere/anytime professional learning opportunities AT NO COST for ALL Maine educators and school staff that focus on the Whole Student.

The Whole Student is a research- and evidence-based structure and framework that originally was created as the “Whole Child” framework by in partnership with the U.S. CDC. ASCD is one of the world’s largest and most respected organizations that support educational leadership, research, and effective teaching practices. Maine ASCD, the Maine affiliate of the larger ASCD organization, has been championing the Whole Child framework for more than a decade in Maine.

Beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, Maine ASCD (led by Executive Director Leigh Alley and Board Member and President Matt Drewette-Card) built a comprehensive micro-credential suite to support anywhere/anytime professional learning of the Whole Child and ASCD’s Whole Child framework. Leigh and Matt spent the next two-years working with ASCD, other state ASCD Affiliates, and local Maine organizations to help spread the word about the Whole Child micro-credential suite.

Maine ASCD and the Maine Department of Education are excited to announce a partnership that opens access to the Maine ASCD micro-credential suite for ALL Maine educators and school staff at zero cost. Maine ASCD, under the leadership of Matt and Leigh, have worked with Maine DOE to create an additional tenet of “Prepared” to add to the original framework. Moving the framework away from “Whole Child” toward “Whole Student” and integrating the “Prepared” tenet opens the doors for all educators and school staff to think about “learning” from a holistic perspective, reaching learners across the PK-12+ continuum.

Upon completion of the Maine ASCD Whole Student micro-credential suite, educators and staff will be named, certified, and recognized as “Whole Student Champions.” This community of Champions will grow into a powerful collaborative of highly-passionate and dedicated educators and staff who will connect and support each other to ensure that Maine’s learners are healthy, safe, engaged, supported, challenged, and prepared.

Those completing micro-credentials are recognized with a digital badge of completion as well as a certificate of contact hours. This resource is a comprehensive, customizable approach for all educators and school staff not only to meet professional learning and certification requirements, but also to engage in and implement highly-effective, personalized, and evidence-based practices and strategies.

To access the Whole Student micro-credential suite visit:

For more information on Whole Student or this partnership, please contact: Beth Lambert, Director of Innovative Teaching and Learning,