2010-11 School System Data Update


TO:  Superintendents of Schools
FROM:  Angela Faherty, Ph.D., Acting Commissioner
DATE: July 1, 2010
RE: 2010-11 School System Data Update

Please complete the enclosed report and sign and return the original to School Finance and Operations before July 15, 2010.  If changes to school unit or school information, such as the closing of a school, occur after July 15, please contact the MEDMS Helpdesk by email medms.helpdesk@maine.gov or telephone 624-6896 with the corrections.  It is important that the MEDMS Helpdesk be notified promptly after the change is official.

Information regarding all-day kindergarten and alternative education programs, formerly requested on the Fall School Statistics Report (EF-M-40), is collected as part of the School System Data Update.

Any questions regarding the school system contact data should be directed to the MEDMS Helpdesk by email medms.helpdesk@maine.gov or telephone 624-6896.

Please make corrections to the School System Data form clear and legible by following these steps:

  1. Cross out incorrect data and write in the corrected data.  Please do not type the corrections on the form as it may be hard to distinguish the change from the original data.
  2. If a school is not listed, add it to the end of the listing.  Include the opening date (m/d/y), grade span, address and phone numbers.
  3. If a school has closed, cross out the entire line of data.  Indicate the closing date (m/d/y).   (Law Reference:  Title 20-A, Chapter 202, Closing and Disposition of Public Elementary and Secondary School Buildings http://janus.state.me.us/legis/statutes/20-A/title20-Ach202.rtf ).

Listed below are the data points that need to be verified on the School System Data form:

Name on FILE – Name that is currently on file in the Department of Education.

Name in MEDMS – Name reflects what has been reported in the Maine Education Data Management System (MEDMS) as the Superintendent of Schools.  If the name that appears is incorrect, it may be necessary to update staff data in MEDMS. If you need assistance, please contact the MEDMS Helpdesk (624-6896).

MAILING ADDRESS – Current mailing address including zip code.

SAU OFFICE TELEPHONE NUMBER– Primary contact number for the Office of the Superintendent of Schools.

SAU OFFICE FAX NUMBER – Primary contact number for the Office of the Superintendent of Schools.

EMAIL ADDRESS – The email address may be a generic or individual email address and should be assigned to an individual in the central office who would have the responsibility of forwarding correspondence (including the Broadcast emails to “All Superintendents of Schools” from the Commissioner) to the appropriate personnel.

SAU WEBSITE ADDRESS – Current website URL.

SCHOOL NAME – Official school name.

GRADE SPAN – The first two digits indicate the lowest grade taught and the second two digits indicate the highest grade taught.

SCHOOL TELEPHONE NUMBER – Primary contact number.

SCHOOL FAX NUMBER – Primary contact number.

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