Clarification: Criminal History Record Check (CHRC) fee


Pursuant to Title 20-A Sec. 6103 and Maine Department of Education Rules 05-071 CMR Chap. 115, Part I, Sects. 3.2 (B) (5) and 3.4 (A) (3), school employees must either meet BOTH of the following conditions or pay the $24 renewal fee for a national Criminal History Record Check (CHRC):

1) Continuous employment for the preceding five years within the meaning of the statute, and the rule Sect. 3.2 (B) (5) pertaining to “interrupted service”; and

2) Continuous CHRC approval during the five years of employment. Approval must be maintained for a person to be employed legally. Approval will be deemed continuous for purposes of the statute if a complete renewal application is filed with the Department within 30 days of the expiration of the previous approval. See Sec. 3.4 (A) (3) (renewal approvals are valid from the date of application).

If an applicant does not meet both conditions, he or she must submit the $24 fee required by statute.  20-A Sec. 6103 (3-A).

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  1. Thank you for the above clarification of the CRHC, please be aware this makes no mention of the $15 application fee which I am told is always due to renew.

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